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Who We Are

Onshore Experts with mad Tax skills both in the Tax Fiscal domain and naturally in the Tax Automation domain. We are constantly trying to find better ways to leverage the tools that have existed for years like Oracle EBTax, OneSource, Vertex and even Oracle ERP to automate your tax calculations and tax reporting.  

Who We Are Not

Rookies, learners, PL/SQL, .Net, C++, Java or whatever other technical converts to functional resources. We would never send you a resource that is NOT aware of how tax laws work.  We are not your typical stuffy white shirt wearing tax dudes that look smarter than the results we produce. Yes don’t deny it, tax is boring but we can still have fun getting it implemented, working and maintained.

What We Do

We specialize in Indirect Tax and focus primarily on tools such as do Oracle EBTax, Vertex, Sabrix, etc. It is in the orchestration of our Tax Law knowledge, knowledge of processes, the mastering of the Tax Automation Tools and the obsession with finding effective, efficient results with cost controls. These ideals drive every engagement we take on.  We work hand in hand to achieve the objectives at hand but always with an eye towards keeping the cost in line with expectations. Where practical, we ALWAYS strive to identify key members of your in-house staff to carry out defined parts of the engagement as you see appropriate so that they can keep the lights on forever.

Why We Do It

Well, firstly because someone has to and we are good at it. But, also we have an obession with getting great results that make you smile and we have fun all the while. We promise that you will immediately love the results.

How You Get It

Call us, email us, yell, or whatever works to get in touch. If you have an immediate need we can dial in (so 1990s) or if you are still planning changes or a complete rollout we can work with you as part of your team.

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